College Heat


College Football Schedule Heat Map for the 2012 Season.

This app is very different and much more powerful than typical schedule and score apps.

This app lets you see the schedule of the entire top 25 or an entire conference ON ONE SCREEN!

This is a powerful way to identify key weeks in the College Football season.

College Heat will reveal at a glance the tough spots in your team’s schedule.

Past games are color coded to show wins and losses visually.

Future games are color coded according to opposition ranking.

Toggle past scores on/off with one button.

Tap a team to focus on its schedule without leaving your current view. This lets you avoid jumping around from menu to menu.

In one view, you see the schedules of those teams ranked above and below your favorite. You can see instantly the opportunities for your team to jump up in the rankings.

Also, all the data is quickly downloaded when you launch the app – no more waiting when you want to check out a different conference. It is instantaneous! You have quick access to schedule and past game scores for all those lunch time discussions with your buddies. You will beat them to the information you need.

Game results will be continuously updated. But if you can’t get a connection, the most recent update will reside on your device.

We are constantly working on new features. Let us know what you want to see in College Heat 2012 by contacting us at!